Hi, I’m Kristan, 

This website serves as a portfolio of two passions of mine, Art & Video Games.

I entered the industry unconventionally, with a History Degree which gave me the tools and the drive to learn quickly. The ability to teach myself new skills has proven invaluable throughout my career as adapting to new projects, new tech, and new challenges is where we thrive. I’m also a wizz at writing essays and system documentation.

Since joining the industry in 2014 I have been on many adventures, working on some of the world’s most recognisable IP’s and taught me valuable lessons in the art of story telling and crafting a gamer’s experience. 

Ultimately I just love Games and being involved in creating this incredible and immersive media of storytelling is a great reason to get up and go to work.

Art has also always been a passion of mine. True Realism and pure detail is the ultimate test of patience and skill when it come to painting, and for that reason it is my aim and inspiration.

I like experimenting and trying new things. Within my all Creative endeavors I enjoy taking on challenges and learning from the successes and failures.

So where’s my next challenge! 


Autodesk Maya


In House Game Editor (Tt Games)

Unreal Engine 4

Unity Engine

Visual Studio

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premier Pro

Sony Vegas Pro

Pyxel Edit


Level Planning & Implementation

Game Logic Scripting

AI Scripting

3D Moddeling



Creating Shaders

Presenting, Feedback & Communication

Fine Art Acrylic realism

Concept Art