Professional Projects

I have had the pride and privilege to work on these wonderful titles in my 6 years of working at Tt Games as Senior Technical Designer. My Role is to oversee a number of levels per project to create incredible and inspired gameplay, while also ensuring it is implemented in the best way possible utilizing and creating new tools to do so.

What a Designer is responsible for, is the reason why I wanted to be a Game Developer. To form the players experience, generate the deep and detailed world, and giving them the tools to forge their own story. Whether that’s interesting and rewarding puzzle level or exciting and strategic battles, I want to make sure it firstly feels good, and secondly is fun.

In more recent projects I have worked more on AI programming and scripting with a focus specifically on Boss Battles. I have designed and prototyped boss systems in which player interaction, and intelligent decision making in combat scripting is key.

Being a Technical Designer/Artist at Tt Games requires me to draw from a mixture of disciplines as I work closely with all departments to ensure the we are getting the best out of our tools, On a daily basis I utilize: 3D Modeling, Rigging and Animating in Maya, Implementation of assets setup and Scripting of puzzles and gameplay elements using visual scripting programs and a number of Game Engines.

Working on Bosses and boss combat has been a highlight of my career so far. It’s been so rewarding to push for better each time, testing the boundaries and revolutionizing Boss Battle system in LEGO Games.

Here are some screenshots of some of the levels I have been responsible for throughout the incredible projects, as well as renders of a few of my Lego Models.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Starkiller Sabotage, Assult on Jakku, Maz’s Castle, Trouble over Taul (DLC)

LEGO Ninjago The Movie: The Videogame- Ninjago City North, The Dark Ravine, The Uncrossable Mountain

LEGO The Incredibles- House Parr-ty, Nomanisan Island, Above Parr, The Final Showdown, Bonus Level

LEGO Movie 2: The Videogame- The Apocalypseburg boss, The Systarian Jungle Boss

A Collection of a few Levels, Animations and cinematic moments I’ve setup in a few of my Released Titles.

Personal Projects

Along with my professional work I continue to fuel my desire to learn by expanding my 3D Modeling, Rigging & Animating skills, gaining expertise in Maya, and Blender, while exploring Environment & Character Modeling.

I also improve my Design, Scripting and general implementation skills by working on small projects in Unity and Unreal, reinforcing my Visual scripting while also learning C# & C++. Ultimately testing myself and trying new roles while making small games during Game Jams. These have been such valuable and fun ways to improve and widen my collection of skills.

Below are a collection of my personal portfolio pieces and Projects:

GameLeft Behind- Tt Game Jam 2020, Unreal, Photoshop.

GameLittle Flame Buddy- Unreal, Blender.

A Cosy Night In- Blender, Unreal. 2021

The Lights of Abisko- Blender, Unreal. 2020

A Warm Corner- Blender, Unreal. 2020

A Little English Field- Blender, Unreal. 2019

Little Fairy House – Blender. 2019

A Knights Steed- Blender. 2019

Dragon- One Day Challenge- Blender. 2019

通り入る- Maya, Unreal. 2019

1920’s New York: Drug Store – Maya, Unreal. 2018

Anubite- Maya, Unreal. 2018

Tiger Dragon- ZBrush, Blender. 2018

Little Grey Bunny- Blender. 2018